How much horsepower does a 1999 Buick Riviera have?

Horsepower Torque
Base 2dr Coupe
0-60 Times: 7.58 sec; Quarter Mile: 16.7 sec;
Horsepower: 240hp
Torque: 280Lb-ft

The hp for any auto is on the marquee - you may learn about it on TV advertisements, whilst looking at an article regarding the automobile theme or just detect one more new banner on the street. The Riviera has been typically recognized for constructing its vehicles with general attributes, putting on the first place security and relief. Thus, your 1999 Riviera will not be the exclusion and the totality of its hp requirements an automobilist would readily discover on our online page.

A driver may treat his or her 1999 Riviera a high-yielding vehicle just in the event that all the weight will actually be relative to its power. For this reason the higher hp mark may refer to better speeding. Which is plausible since your Riviera will require that much potential to haul its peculiar weight. Thus, the group of our company`s vehicle specialists checked out these facts for 1999 Riviera and demonstrated them in hassle-free charts. A car lover may track down here the hp and weight along with some other essential facets for your own Riviera efficiency.